Meet Adrienne Arndt


Name: Adrienne Arndt

Class: Epsilon

Grad Year: 2011

Major: MEAM

1. What is you favorite H&T-ism?
In Hoity & Toity

2. What was your most embarrassing OT moment?
Hand-feeding Jon Kruse soft pretzel as part of a pledge event
3. What do you love most about your life after Penn?
The opportunity to do and learn new things purely for the joy of the experience, not just for a grade or class credit.
4. What’s one place you’d suggest every brother visit before they leave Philly?
Oh gosh, there are sooooo many great places in Philly. I have to pick just one? Oy, well here are a few suggestions: Reading Terminal Market, Cav’s Riverdeck, Monk’s, Alma de Cuba, and Stateside.
5. What’s the most adventurous and/or reckless thing you’ve ever done?
Leaning over the side of the Cliffs of Moher staring straight down at the Atlantic Ocean, some 700 feet below me. (Scared as all hell, but what a view!)
6. What is the best change you’ve seen OT go through?
Not so much a change but, Tau Gamma’s ability to grow and become a better chapter each year with new members and new leaders at the helm. It really speaks to how good the chapter is that we are continually developing students as leaders, having fun, and running a fantastic chapter.
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Meet Sean Reidy

Sean Reidy

Name: Sean Reidy

Class: Nu

Grad Year: 2015

Major: MEAM

1. What is you favorite H&T-ism?

Back in my good ol’ webmaster days, I sent a lot of emails to my committee.  My H&T game was at its prime then, and I was under some serious pressure to improve my H&T’s each time.  After a particularly taxing day, however, my brain was spent, so I took the plunge and looked for an easy one.  It was then that it occurred to me that I had a clear and concise solution all along.  In H&TML, Sean.

2. What is your ideal OT event?
My ideal OT event would simply for all of us to play K’Nex at 4002.  Like, we have a massive, gigantic tub of K’Nex and we all build a metropolis that goes all around the house.  We would have skyscrapers, transportation systems, theme parks, you name it.  I freakin’ loved K’Nex as a kid and I want to run it back, and with us all being engineers, we could really make some awesome stuff happen.
3. What’s your favorite thing to do at Penn?
When I find myself with an hour to spare, I like to go on walks.  Down Locust, behind the Quad, Penn Park, I just walk down those places and appreciate the architecture.  Look at the landscapes. Think about life, philosophy, politics, that cute girl who sat two rows in front of me in criminology… Penn has such magnificent scenery to accompany you and your thoughts that you can’t afford not to just walk around for the sake of walking around sometimes.
4. What is the best change you’ve seen OT go through?
It’s hard to evaluate change when you’re in the moment, but I definitely think that the addition of a fundraising committee has had an immediate positive effect on the fraternity.
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Meet Rob Metter


Name: Rob Metter

Class: Alpha

Year: 2008

Major: Bioengineering

Q: Most bros recognize your name from our Metterfest celebration we have each year. Could you explain the story behind this event?

Tozzo had the gist of it, but as I remember…

…it was a balmy summer evening. The familiar, slightly oppressive humidity of West Philadelphia hung heavy with anticipation. There was tension in the air. I was walking back through the engineering quad, when I heard a cry of alarm!

Hidden behind the statue of that guy outside Vagelos, I found…a litter of baby seals, several puppies, 6 orphan children, 12 endangered species, and Taylor Swift, all tied up and looking quite frightened. As I began to free them…out jumped a posse of ninja-pirates (these are pirates trained in the ninja arts), followed by a troupe of Nazis riding velociraptors, and several high-ranking members of the Colombian drug cartel. I was surrounded. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. But hiding was not on my agenda. Not tonight.

Since I’m a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, I had a mind to make short work of them with a sword. But there was none to be found! Suddenly, Chuck Norris appeared, and we agreed to fight as equals. Helped by the Penn Quaker (this guy knows at least ten types of karate; I’m not sure where he learned it, but respect him), we quickly dispatched them with a series of epic roundhouse kicks. With that and a high-five, he was gone.

But in all seriousness, I think that Alex and I just wanted an excuse to get together and celebrate our birthdays with the rest of our brothers! After all, who could be better company?

Q: What’s one place you’d suggest every brother visit before they leave Philly?

Eastern State Penitentiary for Bastille Day – they have a reenactment, complete with 18th century costumes and a Marie Antoinette who declares “Let them eat Tastykake!” They then proceed to throw Tastykakes over the wall, and behead a watermelon on a fake guillotine.

Q: What was your favorite thing to do at Penn?

Back in the old days, we used to take long walks down to center city get gelato at Capo Giro. Uphill, both ways. It built character. But now, I hear you young whipper-snappers have got one right on campus! Kids these days…

Q: What was your favorite OT experience?

Building things with the brothers was always a lot of fun – notably a grill, and a bike rack for the West Philly Neighborhood Bike Works. But I think our camaraderie was more important to me than any single experience – it’s what makes Theta Tau so special.

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Meet Praveen Bains

Name: Praveen Bains

Class: Iota

Grad Year: 2013

Major: CBE

Q: What’s the one thing you MUST do before you leave campus?

Stay up and watch the sunrise for non CBE-related reasons. Also make it to the roof of some building – I’m not picky which one.

Q: If you had one day left to live, what would you do?

If travel time is neglected, then visit my grandparent’s house in Punjab, India – I’ve only gone to India once, when I was 4 years old, and it’s definitely overdue to go back again.

Q: If you could major in something besides engineering, what would it be?

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at animation, so I would go the DMD route. I love love love Pixar movies and Hayao Miyazaki films, and in high school I enjoyed drawing. Animation would be a wonderful way to express my creative side. I’m taking an animation course next semester, so it’s definitely not out of the question for the future!

Q: If you could give a freshman one piece of advice, what would it be?

The best way to transition to college life is to make connections with people right away. Get out of your room and meet everyone and anyone, try new things, and you’ll find your home away from home. That’s what OT has been for me, and it is something I’m so thankful for everyday.

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Meet Rachel Egan

Name: Rachel Egan

Class: Epsilon

Grad Year: 2012

Major: SSE

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to a pledge to make the most of their OT experience?

Be humble. Don’t take yourself too seriously when doing silly pledge events, do the busy work brothers assign to you – do it gracefully and with a smile, don’t forget you still have to earn a place in the Chapter, look to alums and brother for their wisdom (I know you have to look hard sometimes, but it’s there), and don’t think the Brotherhood revolves solely around you. Take the process for what it is and have an open mind – you’ll have much more fun and learn more than you expect.

Q: Is there anyone in OT you grew very close to who, without OT, you probably would have never met?

Ms Amy Posner – even though I technically met her through Penn Gems with AWE the summer before I pledged, I would not have gotten to know her without OT. We grew very close through 4 years of ups and down since she was my pledgemaster, and I’m so happy she and I still say lame things and laugh to this day.

Mr Robert Yaffe – we pledged together (Epsilons!) and he’s one of my favorite people on Earth. Most of my hilarious memories in college had something to do with this man, and everyone who’s anyone knows he’s a friggin rockstar (and that he’s going to get a Nobel Prize one day).

And when the three of us get together, we play matzah frisbee and do other ridiculous things.

Q: If you could bring one restaurant to campus, what would it be?

It would be a toss up between Crave Real Burgers from Castle Rock/Colorado Springs, CO or Snooze. Snooze is the most amazing breakfast/brunch restaurant on the planet with crazy awesome pancakes like red velvet or sweet potato and a whole section of the menu devoted to different kinds of hollandaise sauces – not to mention they put pickle juice in their Bloody Mary’s. On the other hand, Crave has burgers with grilled cheese sandwiches or giant doughnuts as buns and topped with deep fried cream cheese or peanut butter; it puts BBP to shame in its sheer unapologetic gluttony, not to mention taste. Oh, did I mention how awesome the food is out here in Colorado?

Q: If you had one day left to live, what would you do?

I’d grab my mom and my best friends and figure out a way to get to the summit of the highest mountain in the Rockies, see the Grand Canyon, , skydive out of a plane over the desert stone formations in Utah, go to Yosemite to see the sequoias, explore a giant cave, go scuba diving in a sweet reef, get super close to the top of an active volcano, swim in the Pacific ocean, and end with a hopelessly romantic evening in California wine country – all in one day. That’s totally doable, right?

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Meet Jeff Chien

Name: Jeff Chien

Class: Kappa

Grad Year: 2013

Major: CBE

Q: If you could major in something besides engineering, what would it be?

My other major would definitely be CIS. After taking CIS 110, programming was just so dam interesting. I would rather sit down for hours on end programming than do any other work. Too bad I didn’t switch out when I had the chance….

Q: If you could bring one restaurant to campus, what would it be?

Though I have never been there yet (at the time of this post), I would definitely move Charles Plaza to campus. It sounds like an amazing place that any college student would love and welcome with open arms. To further emphasis the great things I’ve heard, I recommend that everyone should have Charles Plaza on their to do lists before graduating!

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do at Penn?

This was something that I did more as a freshman/sophomore but it was to go load up on all the free swag/food there was on campus. I’ve never done it but as a freshman, its unbelievably possible to survive a whole week on free food from various events on campus.

Q: Is there anyone in OT you’ve grown very close to who, without OT, you probably would have never met?

My lineage. Well I’d probably end up meeting these people without OT but I definitely wouldn’t have the relationship I have with them now. It is definitely one of my most memorable things at Penn that have made my Penn experience that much better.

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Meet Alex Tozzo

Name: Alex Tozzo

Class: Alpha

Grad Year: 2008

Major: MEAM

Q: Could you tell us about how “Tozzo Mansion” came about? The bros today call it 4002, but all the alum still refer to it as Tozzo Mansion and I’m sure the younger bros would love to know the story behind the name.

So the story is pretty interesting. The real hero in this is actually Metter and it’s closely related to the origin of Metterfest. I only happened to be there and got a place named after me by happenstance. The circumstances of Metter’s birth are oft-talked about, but rarely by first-hand sources so I’ll leave that bit to folklore. Suffice it to say, Metter is one awesome dude. It started during one of our Philly walkabouts. It was the middle of February and a light dusting of snow had begun to fall after dinner. The street lights twinkled in the crisp night. Metter and I were crossing east over the Walnut Street bridge, heading into Center City to meet up with Jason and some other bros. A faint cry rose up from the river bank. Looking down, we notice a group of children by the river pointing into the water. Before I continue, I should probably mention Metter may have been a little drunk. Without hesitation, Metter jumps off the bridge, aiming towards a faint splashing in the river. I run down the stairs, preferring to take the drier, slower path. By the time we get to the river bank, we see Metter carrying a few furry things out of the water. My first thought was kittens. Did these little girls have their cats chased into the river for some bizarre reason at 1030pm? Where the hell were their parents?!

But no, it was actually a pair of penguins babies. Still quite young, they couldn’t swim so well. And Rob Metter just rescued them from whatever foul contaminants pollute the Schulykill. The children were ecstatic. All were giggling and laughing, except one. The last child just looked into the water fearfully. Metter asked him if there was still another penguin to be found. Before the boy could answer a POLAR BEAR burst forth from the river! It had smelled the penguins and wanted to dinner. Without hesitation, Rob punched it in the face hard enough to cruch its skull. Rob Metter was a true hero that night. As for me, the best I could do was buy a blanket off a nearby homeless guy and bring Metter in to the nearest pub with strong drink. And thus, Metterfest at the Tozzo mansion was born.

Q: What was your favorite thing to do at Penn?

One of my favorite memories from undergrad was wandering around the city after dinner with fellow bros Metter and Jason. We would walk all the way down to Penn’s Landing and back, occasionally wandering into a hotel with an ongoing wedding party.

Q: If you could have majored in something besides engineering, what would it be?

Neuroscience or psychology. I almost said photography, but I think I’ve learned enough in 2 classes to set myself on a good path of self-learning in that area. The brain has always fascinated me though. It’s incredible how much it can do simultaneously and with so few hiccups (most of the time). I’d love to stay on top of the latest research and find out exactly how we tick.

Q: What’s one thing you wish you did at Penn or in Philly that you never had a chance to do?

Not sure yet as I’m still here. :P I’ve swam in the Schulykill, served jury duty in City Hall, seen concerts at the Electric Factory, TLA, and the Trocadero, watched plays at the Wilma theater (highly recommended – they have student discounts!) and run the trails of Wissahickon. I’m always open to suggestions for must-do’s in Philly. The upside to going on my 8th year (GASP!!) in this city is that I keep discovering things to do.

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